G44 Compact | 22 LR

G44 Compact | 22 LR


G44 Compact pistols are lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for concealed carry. They have a 4-inch barrel with an overall length of 6 inches. G44 rifles feature 16 round magazines, but G44 compact pistols only hold 10 rounds per magazine.

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G44 Compact

The G44 Compact pistol is a semi-automatic, short recoil-operated handgun. It was designed to be compact and easy to shoot, because it can be used in close combat situations. The glock 44 pistol has the following features: polymer frame with an aluminum alloy slide, chamfered edges for ease of holstering, finger grooves on both sides of the glock grip for improved ergonomics that are not only comfortable but offer better control over the weapon when shooting at different angles or positions, reversible magazine catch which lets you use either hand to quickly remove empty magazines without fumbling around with one-handed release buttons found on other brands of pistols.

Glock 44 For Sale

Glock 44 for sale! is the world’s leading manufacturer of pistols and other firearms, as well as a provider of training and tactical equipment. Glock handguns are used by civilians, law enforcement organizations, military organizations, and governments around the world. Glock has been manufacturing handguns since 1982.


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