9mm Bullets 115 Grain RN Berrys Pk/100

9mm Bullets 115 Grain RN Berrys Pk/100



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Product Description

9mm Bullets for Sale

Caliber: 9mm
Bullet Tip: Round Nose
Bullet Type: Plated
Cannelure: No
Diameter: .356
Grains: 115
Lead-Free: No
MFG Max FPS: 1250
Packaging: Bulk
Quantity: 100
MFG: Berrys 36002

Established in 1961, Berry’s Manufacturing is still a family-owned enterprise. Currently Berry’s produce over 60 styles of plated bullets, plus a wide variety of shooting and reloading accessories. With over 50 years in the industry, they are still a hard-working family-run business. Berry’s and Rainier are some of the most well-known names for bulk reloading bullets. 9mm, surplus pulled bullets, surplus 308 bullets, surplus 30 cal bullets, surplus pulled .308 bullets.

Load Data
Berrys suggests a max velocity of 1250 on their copper plated bullets unless otherwise stated and a light crimps on the bullet without denting or deforming the plating.


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